The Branding Plus Package

The Branding Plus package is specifically designed for companies that have a strong need for professional graphics in a variety of formats. Think of it as a graphics suite, containing all of the different elements that makeup your digital footprint. Own a restaurant, for example? We've got you covered with a logo, menus, table toppers, window signs and more!

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Dynamic Design

Dynamic design means your logo can scale to any size or file format. So, whether you need it on a business card or 4-ft tall on the side of your building, our logo will always do the trick.


Every logo we design is part of a package that comes with a copyright release to transfer legal ownership to you. We even provide a Style Guide which contains all of the elements of your logo including color codes for printing and suggested uses.

Our Promise

Our #1 job is to bring your vision to life and that is our promise to you. Every. Single. Time.

$999 to design ($800 for website customers)

You Get

  • Custom Logo |
  • Alternate Logo |
  • 5 Graphics |
  • Style Guide |
  • Copyright Release