E-commerce is an incredibly important facet of any successful business in the modern-day. With transactions online becoming a more prevalent part of income for businesses, having security on your web purchases is just as important as having a lock on your cash register. Perhaps even more so, with COVID-19. More than that, our ever-changing environment makes e-commerce far more attractive to the average consumer. All of this means that you need to make sure that your website is up to par, and that is precisely what we at KDE do.

So why should you choose us to protect your purchases? If your hosting service suffered a breach or a backdoor is found in the source code of your website, any business using that service could now be in danger until they find a way to solve that issue. This means that someone targeting any specific site on this service may find a breach, and it could spread quickly to other people looking for such exploits. Whereas, if you have custom code, an attack on you would have to be far more specific and require more work from the parties involved.

Another important facet of online business is User Experience (UX), which essentially boils down to how easy it is for the average consumer to use your website. For example, your website shouldn’t show hundreds of products on one gigantic page. The user-friendly option is to pace your items across pages, the amount varying based on the size of items and number in total. A smooth and simple shopping cart experience is also key to making sure customers complete orders. Using a customized solution on your website without requiring external tools is key to making shopping easy, and easy shopping means people are far more likely to complete a transaction. As we all know, completed transactions mean more money. 

KDE has years of experience in both the back and frontend of business websites, and this translates into a more secure, smooth, and safe service for your clients. We will create custom code for your website and constantly be sure to stay on top of any new exploits or dangers that may appear. This means that your site will be consistently updated with new security measures and your customers will always be protected. 

Our expertise in design also allows us to make sure your website is not only beautiful and unique but also easy to use. A smooth frontend will mean that customers are more likely to return to your website. When a web interface is frustrating or confusing, it will be a constant annoyance. A small constant annoyance such as that will end up making people just use an alternative site out of pure convenience, losing your sales in the process. Even if people simply want to use your site to find out where you are located, what your hours are, or perhaps how to contact you, a well-designed website should communicate all these things to a user. Knowing how key all of these features are is a large part of why we here at KDE are the perfect team to entrust with the care of your website.