Industries That Benefit The Most From Email Marketing

While it’s important that you cast a wide net in your marketing efforts & commit to a little bit of everything, there are some industries that will benefit more from email marketing than others. For whatever reason, their audience is more receptive to these types of ads & they can expect more traffic & a higher ROI. However, before we dive into which industries will benefit the most, it’s important that we go over a few things that will help your understanding of this service & how it works. Whenever you send out emails you have to keep something in mind, it is a branding tool. That means the goal of the campaign is to introduce your brand to thousands of consumers & hope that they take an interest in it. Real campaigns require 5-8 sends before you can expect to see a real ROI.

If you have collected the data yourself from contests & previous customers, then the chances of getting an immediate response are higher. However, it also takes years & tens of thousands of dollars to acquire that kind of data which limits your options for right now. Instead, using the database of an agency like DigDev Direct will give you a major advantage over the competition & allow you to market to tens of thousands of consumers in a short period of time. As far as which industries are best suited for this, these are often the top ones:

  • Automotive: This is the premier industry for using email marketing because you only have to get a small percentage of people to come to the lot to generate a profit. This direct form of messaging is more cost-effective than running television ads & also provides you with better tracking options.
  • Pharmaceutical: Whether you are trying to introduce your new medication to a doctor or a consumer, the most cost-effective way to target & reach that audience is with direct email. Why is that? Because doctor’s rarely check social media & they rarely spend time on sites researching information. You need a direct way to reach them with the product & that’s where emails can take your marketing to the next level.
  • Retail: This is an obvious one, but you have to be careful. Sending out a campaign on Tuesday, no matter how great your sale is, will not generate the kind of interest that the same campaign will generate over the weekend, especially holiday weekends. Why is that? Because consumers are in a different mindset during the week than they are on weekends & that’s why you need to be smart about not only who you target, but when you deploy your content.
  • Health insurance: In the case of health insurance, campaigns should be running throughout the year to ensure that consumers are aware of the brand. Why do we trust the bigger companies when it comes time to get new coverage, even though they are more expensive? Because they are familiar with the brand & they know they will have fewer issues with getting their doctors accept that insurance over lesser-known ones. Also, when open enrollment comes around, companies that have dedicated time & money to branding throughout the year will always outperform companies that wait until the last minute.

Remember, even if you are not in one of these industries, email marketing gives you an affordable & direct way to reach consumers throughout the world & generate immediate traffic. If you would like to learn more about email marketing & want to see what benefits it could bring to your business, get in touch with us at KDE Technology TODAY & let our Digital Marketing Coordinator take care of you & get all your questions answered.