Logos are the front facing impression of your product or business. A logo is often the first thing any potential customer or client will see from you. Making logo design an incredibly important step in the creation of any business. When you think of any major company, one of the first things that come to mind is their logo. Whether it is the name of the product or company, a minimalist image with one color, or an elaborate symbol, each logo helps tell the story of the business while remaining recognizable and standing out.


Another important facet of a logo is simplicity with personality. Logos need a recognizable image that people can immediately associate with your business. However, people often overthink this point, which can lead to an over-designed logo. Shapes that are too complex, or have too much text, can become difficult to recognize. Taking advantage of simplicity and negative space are key to preventing your logo from becoming “visual noise” and all the work you did on the logo going to waste.


The next key factor to keep in mind is the designer of your logo. If you own your own business, it makes sense to outsource help in logo design, most major companies have done this,  as well. When doing so, remember that not all graphic design artists were created equal. Be sure to look through the portfolios of potential choices and find someone with a strong portfolio who has experience in what you’re looking for. We recommend a designer that provides multiple iterations of the logo, along with "rounds" of revisions based on feedback, ensuring you are far more likely to end up satisfied with the end product.


Your logo should also tell a story for your business. It should communicate clearly what your product or business is. However, the story it tells does not need to be the entire story of your business. Don’t overthink the design and add too much, as we discussed before. Something that helps to convey your story in a simple fashion is usually best. Look at Twitch, for instance. They are a company that provides a platform to livestream videos to a live chat and interact with them. Their logo? A pause button inside of a small chat bubble. This helps to perfectly convey the product in a simplistic and minimalistic aesthetic. 


To reiterate, each design decision made on a logo is important. From the shapes and text to something as simple as the color scheme, every facet of a logo will represent your business and help to decide whether or not you stick out from the competition. A logo will tell your story to customers, but not overwhelm them with information. The most important part of a logo is striking a balance between informative design and simplicity. Something small can sometimes say a lot.