The Importance of Logo Design

Logo design is an integral part of your brand. Think about how many logos you recognize that don’t have their brand name integrated.

If someone says “Apple”, “Pepsi”, or “Starbucks”, I’m sure most of us automatically have an image of their logos pop up in our minds, right? Well, THAT is the power of a memorable logo, which consequently reflects strong brand recognition.

Need more reasons why logo design should be a top priority for any business? Take a quick read-through of the following points...

Why is Logo Design Important?

First Impressions Are Everything

Logo design is essentially the face of your brand and business, so you need to make an impactful first impression. Your logo is your company’s first introduction to new, potential clients, so it needs to immediately communicate with them what you have to offer. It needs to appeal, build trust and inform, persuading customers to enquire further. If your logo doesn’t pique interest straight away, there are no second chances.

Separates You from the Competition

Your business is one of a kind, so you need to make sure that your logo design is just as unique, too. Stand out from the crowd and use your logo to show customers why your company is different from the rest. The combination of the right icon, font choice, and color scheme conveys your values and mission, along with your entire business story. Dare to be different and demonstrate to the audience why you’re better than the others!

Builds Your Brand Identity

Branding is the story behind your business and will influence your audience to buy into your company. Even though logo design is only one factor of your brand, it is the pivotal foundation which your brand is built around. Your logo is identification for your business, so your choice of colors, fonts and graphics are one of the most important considerations for your brand.

Encourages Brand Loyalty

The first time a customer chooses to use your services or purchase your products, if they gain great satisfaction, brand loyalty begins. The trust they find within your brand means they will remember your logo, they will look out for your logo when they shop around, they will recommend you to their friends and family by showing them your logo. Consumers LOVE consistency and this familiarity will stem from your logo.

The Impact of Bad Logo Design

Around a decade ago, do you remember GAP Clothing announced a brand refresh? Do you remember GAP Clothing almost immediately reverting back to their previous logo due to the resulted backlash? Although not implemented in the UK, the entire world heard about the debacle that was GAP Clothing’s new logo. Their customers were not fans of their contemporary and modern attempt, viewing it as cheap, tacky and dull instead. If the customer isn’t on board, if they don’t understand the motive and what it means for the brand, they will detach, and this can be detrimental to brand loyalty.

It All Starts with Your Logo Design

When building your brand, the first step is your logo design. Everything you want to say about your business should be reflected in your logo which can then be implemented across all your marketing both online and offline.

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