With the age of electronic media websites have replaced printed business cards. With a professionally designed website, you can highly rank your business in a competitive market. According to research, 88% of business cards end up in the garbage. If you want to survive in today’s world, you better get yourself a website.


Reasons why your website is more important than your business card are:


A Website Provides Constant Updates and Better Outreach.

  • On a business card you are limited to what you can say and once you say it, the press will print them and that little message of information will stay with whoever takes one. On a website you are not limited with what you want to say, you can always change your information and improve your content.

Your Website Has No Boundaries

  • Our would is global. With a website, you ensure that your business can reach an international audience. Your website can spread your business across the globe. It is perfect advertisement for your company in every country of the world. Meanwhile, a business card can only be passed out in person.

Affordable Marketing

  • Your website helps promote your business. A professionally constructed website can convert your visitors. Your website has information about your products and services, and you control your content. It provides an effective advertisement for your brand, and can target a specific audience you need. If you optimize your content, search engines will rank your website and promote your brand.


  • Obtaining suggestions and guidance from customers on how you can go about refining your products and the areas in which your services can be improved is essential. As a business acquiring feedback and acting on it is crucial to the growth and long-term success of your brand.  This not only improves your brand value tremendously but also results in elevating your brand image by giving people the impression that your business takes its customers seriously and values their opinions.


  • Your clients can find your business regardless of time or place. Your website guarantees 24/7 access for your current and potential customers. It makes your business accessible from anywhere around the globe and ensures better outreach. Meanwhile, your business card only shows your information.



  • Analytics is an essential tool for growing any business. You can track what pages are being clicked, how long someone stays there and even if they are sharing a link or your onto social media. Using analytics to help streamline a visit on your website can help you guide visitors to where you want them most of the time.